22 Feb 2010



​DRIFT is a low-pressure gas dark matter detector with direction-sensitivity for incident particles.




In the search for Dark Matter a detector with direction-sensitivity is expected to provide the strongest signature in the case of a positive WIMP detection as well as enabling progress towards post-detection dark matter WIMP halo astronomy. DRIFT-II, the current DRIFT detector at Boulby, is the most sensitive directional dark matter in the world.

DRIFT-II is a 1m3 gas-filled Time Projection Chamber (TPC) using electronegative (CS2) gas to reduce diffusion giving maximum track reconstruction resolution. DRIFT can operate in either spin-dependent or spin-independent mode depending on the fill gas mixture used. DRIFT is both limit-setting and undergoing R&D with various studies of technique/system performance and optimisation underway.

Participating institutions:

  • Sheffield University
  • Edinburgh University
  • Occidental College
  • MIT
  • University of New Mexico
  • Colorado State University​

Contact: Toth, Christopher (STFC,Boulby Mine,PPD)